CPF has been working for the
rights and livelihoods of Tribal Communities along with conservation of natural
resources including the surrounding forests on which they depend and/ or
inhabit. The organisation has been working currently in 200 remote tribal
villages in the states of – Telangana (129),
Andhra Pradesh (59) and Odisha (12) covering 13940 households,
through various donor supported projects. While working there, it
has been noted that they are deprived of even little pleasures and
necessities.  CPF intends to provide for
some such small needs by raising donations from individuals who have concern
for the Tribal Communities. Five different categories have been identified and
listed below from which the donors can choose the category of their interest.

For each of the category cost
estimate is provided in the text. When once amount needed for one village is
received, it will be spent and the details will be updated in the CPF website


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