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   Training Manuals

Hand book on Balanced Diet-Food and Nutrition
Manual on Farmers Field School
Training Manual on Gender Mainstreaming in CFM
Training Manual on Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in CFM
Action Tools for Result-oriented Action in Participatory Forest Management, ISBN:978-81-906691-5-3, 2008
Training Manual Series in Participatory Forest Management: Facilitation Skills, Conflict Resolution & Gender Mainstreaming
ISBN:978-81-906691-3-9, 2007
Community Forestry Micro-plan Training Manual for Facilitators, ISBN:978-81-905419-4-7, 2005

Field Guide on Forest Carbon Measurement, ISBN: 978-93-83820-00-9,February, 2013

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, ISBN:978-93-83820-06-1, February, 2010

A handbook on Forest Rights Act-2006 Implementation, ISBN:978-93-83820-14-6, March, 2008

Participatory Forest Management: Training Manual for Facilitators, ISBN:978-81-906691-4-6, 2007

Biodiversity Register Process, ISBN:978-81-905419-8-5, 2005

Training Manual on Facilitation Skills to Community Extension Workers (CEWs), ISBN:978-81-905419-7-8, 2005

Training Manual on Conflict Resolution, ISBN:978-81-905419-6-1, 2005

Training Manual on Gender Mainstreaming, ISBN:978-81-905419-5-4, 2005

Forest Biodiversity Registers, ISBN:978-81-906691-9-1, 2002


Gender Mainstreaming in CFM

Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in CFM

VSS Micro-Plan: Facilitators Guide (September 2002)
This manual was prepared to guide the facilitators as well as the trainers of facilitators in the preparation of Micro-Plans.
This manual is also available in Telugu

Training Manual on Facilitation Skills for Community Extension Workers in CFM

Forest Biodiversity registers, A Hand Book (June 2002)

The book records ilea process of preparation of community forest Bio-diversity Registers and herbaria in the various forest regions ofVSSs across ilie state.

Vana Samrakshana- Jagatiki Rakshana (June 2002)

This book was purported to present the essential nuances of the Community Forest Management Programme for easy comprehension of the VSS members across the State.