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Centre for People’s Forestry is a Civil Society Organisation established in August 2002. Prior to that, CPF functioned as an autonomous wing within Centre for World Solidarity. CPF works for the rights and livelihoods of forest dependent communities with due regard to conservation. It believes that the claim to conservation, control and management of the forest resources belong to the forest dwelling and dependent communities and their livelihoods should be the primary concern of all forestry programmes.

   Working Principles


Collaborative approach is the focal point of all CPF projects and actions. This helps ensure dedicated participation from other stakeholders while boosting their learning curves. The organisation believes and practices easy communication and transparency in all its functions.

Participation at all levels is central to the way CPF functions. The organisational structure of CPF is non–hierarchical and thus has a built-in mechanism to encourage both team spirit and participation of all staff members. The philosophy and central goal of CPF encourages the participation of other stakeholders and thus ensures the flow in of different points of view.


   Shared values

Transparency to maintain openness in its functioning by proactively making information easily accessible through reports, organization website and through open presentations at the Annual Partners’ Meetings. Thus all stakeholders have automatic access to both progamme and financial information in annual reports of CPF. The organisation strives to ensure this practice among its partner NGOs at the organisation level.

Accountability is reflected in how CPF collects and uses data, organises multi-stakeholder platform meetings, produces reports taking independent views on contentious issues, derives mandate from the partners’ meetings held annually and shares information including that of finances with all concerned. CPF staff is present at Board of Trustees (BoT) meetings held twice a year. Here both the Director and the staff are accountable for their functioning to the independent board.

Equity & Equality including equality in gender relations. CPF also strives to ensure that the changes it proposes to bring at the community level are equitable. The selection of project locations is done with positive discrimination to the vulnerable and marginalised sections.
CPF strives to ensure sensitivity and gender balance in all sctivities/projects/programmes

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